Social Media Marketing Packages.

We create engaging content and manage campaigns for social media channels including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. We have designed social media content for the likes of HBO, Bulova, Lego, Citizen and more.


Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest / $250-$1000 monthly per account

We live in a world of eclectic consumers from baby boomers, generation x, y, millennials, centennials and whatever else are coming out of these diverse wombs. They are technically savvy to being technically lost. Demographically, the market has never been more saturated with so many different types of thinkers from traditionalists, radicals, young overachievers, eco-conscious minds, wanderlust adventurers, corporate sharks to the digital nomads who roam the earth freely. We live in an aspirational and ADHD world, where the consumer’s attention span is growing more and more narrow. Less than 8 seconds to be exact. Our minds are constantly being stimulated by all of the technology around us. More and more billboards have been replaced with mobile and digital ads. You need to be where your consumer is spending the majority of their time. In their emails at work, social apps on their phone and popular forms of entertainment. The Creative Circus is here to create visual content, copy and videos that excite, engage and encourage your audience. These simple three goals are what we strive for when storyboarding and producing work that best represents your brand.


  • Developing/Editing content.

  • Copywriting captions.

  • Creating engagement via best practices such as, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, surveys etc.)

  • Managing campaigns & ensuring that SM channels are consistently updated with current promotions.

  • Spending 10 minutes a day interacting with followers and potential new ones.

  • Designing a homepage look for the platform that captures the brand at a glance.

  • Managing flow of images & auditing as necessary.

  • Developing a schedule for posts dependent on peak times for targeted followers.

  • Optimizing images or captions via of best hashtags, alt tags, meta tags for SEO.

  • Adjusting strategy as algorithms change in the market.

  • Creating a quarterly performance report measuring the success rate of the methods applied.




3 Month Retainer Package/ 15% discount monthly

6 Month Retainer Package/ 20% discount monthly

1 Year Retainer Package/ 25% discount monthly