It all started when...

Vivian Vo started her journey in the arts, fashion and media industry at a very young age. Her father had his own fashion label and a photo/video production business that started out of their garage. She chose to read books, compose music and write short stories instead of interacting with other kids. Her love for music, fashion, and writing launched her into theatrics and entertainment as a performer on stage at a young age and lifestyle model as a teen. A natural born leader but socially shy, she forced herself to grow out of her awkward shell working in supporting roles on stage and in front of the camera.

In corporate life, she quickly realized areas that lacked structure and efficiency. She had a knack for identifying traits, hiring and training individuals for web, design and marketing department. This led to many years of hiring designers, web developers, production crew and third party vendors to produce marketing collateral all across the board. She managed the web, product development, design and marketing team for 6 years. Through her corporate life experiences she was able to work with Fortune 500 Companies throughout North America and Caribbean. Everything from sourcing, design, product development, production, event planning to traditional and non-traditional marketing.

With experience in design, producing shoots and managing teams - it was a natural progression to create an agency of her own.  Our Ringleader, decided to put together an agency collectively of talented professionals that share the same amount of passion for creating stories via of different mediums. Vo curates a team to work on your project based on your needs. Perceptive and a visionary, she works closely with you to create a vision and establish a POA. Resourceful and attentive to details she loves tackling the challenges of every project.